This site (partnered with the British Inflatable Hirers Alliance - offers resources, support and forums for owners & operators of: Bouncy Castles, Inflatable Slides & Obstacle Courses, Bungee Runs, Sumo, Rodeo Bulls, Gladiator Duel, and much, much more....
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Get More Bouncy Castle Bookings, Make More Money, And Love The Business Of Inflatable Hire…


From: Mark Jerram (Co-Founder of, and Founder of the BIHA)

Dear Friend,

You probably already know that the inflatable hire industry is a multi-million pound business and at the heart of it all are the hire companies and manufacturers/suppliers across the UK and the world.

As a bouncy castle owner, I know full well that the business of hiring inflatables can be incredibly challenging and this industry can be lonely and at times the competition fierce.

However, our rewards and satisfaction can often be high in the non-monetary areas, but...the joy can quickly disappear when all our energy is spent worrying about paying bills or making the mortgage payment.

So how do you balance the love of hiring inflatables with the hundreds of details required to start, run, and grow a successful hire business?

Why this might be one of the most important letters you'll ever read....

You could be making mistakes that are costing you hundreds of pounds every month, without you even knowing it!

You probably already know that starting a bouncy castle hire business and turning a healthy profit is tough work, and growing it and making it successful is even more so. It's a demanding personal business to own and operate. The quickest route to long-lasting success as a bouncy castle owner isn't about figuring it out yourself. There's no need to struggle on your own. We are here to help and to share our experiences with you.

This is a rare opportunity to discover the insider secrets and strategies of top bouncy castle/inflatable hire owners and operators who run extremely successful hire businesses.

Imagine a place where you can get personal advice from experienced professionals and experts, enjoy VIP access to a unique support system, plus get immediately useful resources in a private discussion forum from bouncy castle owners from around the UK, (including some from overseas) - all who want you to succeed.


It's here! All the tools and resources you need... It doesn't matter if you're just starting out, or you're a well established owner with many years of experience. A membership at will show you how to get more bookings, make more money, get more satisfaction and really love the business of hiring bouncy castles and other play inflatables…100% Guaranteed.

Whether you...dream of starting your own inflatable hire business, wonder how to best market and advertise your business, need to maintain staff loyalty, struggle with all the day-to-day dealings, or need help with the ever changing demands of business ownership - We are here to support you, encourage, and guide you to make your dreams a reality.

Who Runs This Website? is run by Mark Jerram. Mark is nationally known as the founder of the BIHA (British Inflatable Hirers Alliance), which has around 2,000 members. Mark had his own inflatable hire business from 1992 - 2006. He has also appeared live on GMTV and Channel 4 in 2008 to talk about the industry.

Having spoken and emailed hundreds of aspiring, new, and long-time bouncy castle owners from around the UK, Mark has a unique insight into what some of the most successful business owners are doing right.

Just as importantly, they see the mistakes that some of the new bouncy castle hire owners are making which is preventing them from being more successful.

You will learn from this insight.

It is all real world, applicable experience that you can take advantage of to make your inflatable hire business as successful as possible.

I know what you're thinking…

"Can't I just go figure this out on my own for free?"

Can you? Probably.

Should you? It depends.

They say that 'time is money', and we believe it to be true. You can certainly click through the millions of pages online that include information on running a business, marketing, handling customer service issues, reading threads on free forums and spending countless hours trying to figure it out on your own.

Fast track your success? Now you can access 24/7, 365 days a year to a specialized comprehensive website resource for everything you need to start, run and grow your bouncy castle hire business. Members Are NEVER Alone!!

Hundreds of bouncy castle owners and operators are using to grow their business every month. Revolutionary technology allows our team to work with members all over the UK, and even the whole world (wherever there is internet connection!) This website is relied on as an essential part of successful bouncy castle/play inflatable ownership. The information we offer is both cutting-edge and has been tested over time.

We know what it takes to build a successful inflatable hire business.

And now we want to show you the best strategies to launch, expand, or take your bouncy castle business to the next level. With all the experience and knowledge you gain, you'll have a major advantage to set yourself apart and stand out. BouncyCastleOwner is the definitive resource to get you there.

Shorten The Learning Curve to Success

We've created this resource to help bouncy castle owners so that you wouldn't make costly mistakes or lose more time and energy on the areas of business that drain you and burn you out.

Just a fraction of our member resources could be worth a lot of money for you and your business. Some of our members report that they get a full return on their membership investment within the first few days!

Are you beginning to see that this is an easy way to fast track your success?

We have a created a place where you can save time and money with a minimal investment into your business. This unique learning environment is a place where each member can ask for advice and feedback and get it from other bouncy castle owners experiencing tangible success in their own businesses and who are willing to share how they're doing it.

Normally access to such a specialized comprehensive resource would require an investment of thousands of pounds. Because we want you to have all of this extremely valuable information at a very affordable price.

We offer two options for membership and provide a secure online system so you can charge your membership to PayPal (or a major credit card). Subscription fees are 100% deductible as a business expense. We believe that you are making a great investment into your business!

Option 1: Annual Membership Best value. Annual membership is £35, that's less than £3 per month for 12 full months and you'll be kept up to date with the new information added each week. To make your life as simple as possible your annual membership will automatically renew each year. However, you may cancel at any time.

Option 2: Monthly Membership Low monthly fee just £2.99. per month. To make your life as simple as possible your monthly membership will automatically renew each month. However, you may cancel at any time.

It is a bargain compared to the value it can mean to your bouncy castle hire business.

Enjoy Your Membership Privileges Risk Free!

We are also firm believers in value and we are committed to over-deliver with our service. Membership fees are 100% deductible as a business expense. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your membership, please let us know within 30 days and we will gladly refund the purchase. It's our guarantee. We aim for member delight! That's our promise to you.

What you get with your Membership?

24/7 Access to the Online Toolkit of bouncy castle hire Resources including:

Member's Only Discussion Forum -- The heart of the site where you'll network with other members just like you. You can also ask your most pressing bouncy castle hire questions and receive prompt and professional answers.

e-Books & Articles - How to get more customers and clients, marketing, hiring faculty and staff, customer service, staff management, and many other topics written by the best in the business.

PLUS... Templates, Checklists & Customizable Forms

PLUS... 24/7 Access to the Growing Video Vault.

How-To Tutorials & PowerPoint Slide Shows you can watch to easily learn new tips and strategies to grow your inflatable hire business.


Access the growing vault

Special Report: 7 Ways to Grow, Thrive and Keep Your Passion Alive in This or Any Economy

Premium Member's-Only Updates that keep you informed and up-to-date that helping you save time, energy, and money!

Exclusive discounts not available to anyone else found only in our online store! creates and also offers products that go above and beyond the training and education published elsewhere. As a member you often enjoy over 50% off, it's our way a saying thanks for being a part of this community.


Choose the plan that's right for you! You'll get immediate access to login and begin using the resources available to you as a member of's Mission Is...

To create a sensitive, collaborative environment for our members to learn, grow, and share the joys and challenges of running an inflatable hire business.

To support, train, encourage, and advise an international community of new and established bouncy castle owners.

To help you keep your passion for inflatable hire alive as you grow your business.

So, are you ready to take your bouncy castle hire business to the next level?

Best Regards

Mark Jerram Founder - BIHA Co-Founder -

P.S. - Remember there is NO RISK. We stand behind our money back guarantee. We want you to keep your passion for inflatable hire alive as you grow your business.

P.P.S. - Don't wait! Now is the time to activate your membership and take advantage of the special bonuses and resources that will help you keep your passion for the inflatable hire alive as you grow your business, guaranteed!

QUESTIONS? Call Us at 07880 - 540 201 or 01344 641 - 225 we'd be happy to speak to you about Membership or Contact Us

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    • How many seconds does it take for your main bouncy castle website to fully load up on the small screen of your mobile phone (smart phone).
      1 - 4 seconds
      5 seconds
      6 - 10 seconds
      11 - 15 seconds
      16 - 20 seconds
      21 - 25 seconds
      26 - 30 seconds
      31 - 50 seconds
      51 - 60 seconds
      More than 1 minute

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    • Do you hire out mini-marquees (AKA Gazebos, instant pop-up-shelters) and/or full-size marquees alongside your inflatables to boost cash-flow and profits?
      Thinking about it now after the wet 2012 summer
      Yes - but mini-marquees and gazebos only
      Yes - we hire out full size marquees only
      Yes - we hire out all sizes of marquees

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    • You discover that one of your competitors is illegally hiring out domestic "toy" bouncy castles to the public - which could cause a serious injury to a child as they are not robust enough for commercial hiring. What action would you take?
      Just warn them that they are breaking the law
      Call Trading Standards but warning them first
      Call Trading Standards without warning them first.
      Do nothing, but wait for others to report them.

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    • Do you charge your customers a "booking deposit" when they book an inflatable with you either through the phone or online? (E.g charge their credit card or ask them to send in a cheque, bank transfer or PayPal payment)
      Never - we're happy for full payment on delivery
      Sometimes - depends on the booking
      Yes - but only if they are a new customer
      Yes - for every booking, unless very short notice
      Yes - we won't deliver without a deposit up-front

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    • How many bouncy castles and other play inflatables do you own which you hire out?
      3 - 5
      6 - 8
      9 - 10
      11 - 13
      14 - 16
      17 - 19
      20 - 29
      30 or more

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    • Which is your most popular add-on hire product?
      Jenga (all 3 sizes)
      Giant Chess
      Giant Drafts
      Didi Cars
      Boom Blasters
      Giant dartboard
      Basketball Shooters

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    • Do you charge a little extra for hiring bouncy castles to weddings? (and other very special events?)
      No, we keep the same hire price
      We charge an extra £10
      We charge an extra £20
      We charge an extra £30
      We charge an extra £40
      We charge an extra £50
      We charge an extra £60
      We charge an extra £70
      We charge an extra £80
      We increase price in accordance with their budget

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    • Do you use Facebook and/or Twitter as a marketing tool to reach your local prospects and customers?

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    • There are 10 main benefits of your membership to the BIHA and this sister site (BCO). Which one do you find MOST useful?
      Learning about Health & Safety / Legislation etc.
      Getting help & advice from the Discussion Forum
      Displaying the BIHA logo to increase your prestige
      Learning from the mistakes (& successes) of others
      Directory listing of your business on BIHA website
      Receiving ideas to help increase your hire profits
      Saving money on PL insurance and other services
      Getting the FREE Tip of the Week from this site.
      General sense of belonging / Less loneliness!
      Hearing about special deals etc.from manufacturers

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    • Which payment methods do you accept from your customers who hire inflatables?
      Cash and Cheque only
      Cash, Cheque and PayPal only
      Cash, Cheque, PayPal and Credit/Debit cards

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    • Do you ask your customers for referrals when they are happy with your inflatable hire service?
      No, never.
      No, unless the customer recommends me to a friend
      I sometimes ask for referrals
      I always ask for referrals at every hire
      I have a system to collect referrals at every hire
      I have a system & they get rewarded for referrals

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    • Should hire prices of your inflatables be included on your website?
      No, I prefer people to call me to discuss prices
      Yes, but only one price e.g. From £50 per day
      Yes, all my prices are displayed on my website
      Cannot answer as I don't yet have a website

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    • How much do you charge for a standard 12ft x 12ft bouncy castle (including 12 x 12's with a 4ft+ safety step) delivered LOCALLY in your town.
      £35 per day
      £40 per day
      £45 per day
      £50 per day
      £55 per day
      £60 per day
      £65 per day
      £70 per day
      £75 per day
      £80+ per day

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    • What is your most profitable type of inflatable which you hire out?
      Childrens bouncy castles
      Adult bouncy castles
      Small inflatable slides (Max 6ft to platform)
      Large inflatable slides (incl. mega slides)
      Castle/slide combis
      Sumo/super hero suits
      Bungee runs
      Rodeo bulls / surf simulators / multi-rides
      Bouncy boxing / Gladiator duel
      Activity centres / Obstacle courses

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    • Do you reduce hire prices in the winter?
      Only if the customer wants additional hire items

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    • Do you own an Apple iPhone (e.g. 3G, 3GS or 4)

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    • Has The Soaring Price Of Fuel Made You Stop Taking Bookings Further Afield?

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