This site (partnered with the British Inflatable Hirers Alliance - offers resources, support and forums for owners & operators of: Bouncy Castles, Inflatable Slides & Obstacle Courses, Bungee Runs, Sumo, Rodeo Bulls, Gladiator Duel, and much, much more....
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"Both and the BIHA website have been extremely helpful for us during our first few months of business - Thanks"  Steve Harrison.


"Thank you for accepting my membership application. I am delighted with the amount of information available to me. Having read through some of the articles I know I am on the right track to success"  Diane Glatley, Funky Town Inflatables, Lanarkshire, Scotland.


"I keep in regular contact with the bouncy castle owners website, it's extremely helpful on the discussion forum".  Lesley Marriott. Sillybillies, Lincoln, UK.


"Keep up the good work on your website and the newsletters - Some very useful stuff.  Cheers"

Phil Dixon  (Get Up and Bounce)  Poole, Dorset.


Hi Mark,

Whilst I'm in touch I would like to say how impressed I am with everything your site offers in terms of help and advice. The newsletters and blogs are proving very useful because as a novice there is so much to learn and I have enormous respect for the experienced players in this industry. I've only just bought my first castle (a basic action hero 12 x 12) and can't wait to develop the business! My website is up and running and I had my first enquiry today. Unfortunately they were'nt looking for an action hero so I referred them to another provider who had more to offer (something I learnt from your advice pages). With very kind regards

Frazer Darling

Pied Piper Southend Bouncy Castle Hire Southend-on-Sea, Essex.


I am finding to be very useful.

Louise Arrell


Mark, Thank you for sending all the information over, I was up to 1am this morning with all sorts of ideas going through my head. I am convinced that some of the ideas will lead to a marked increase in business. I wondered if you could advise how I can add a PayPal button to my website. I have added my company email to my PayPal account, but not sure how to go from there? Thank you in advance for the additional help. Dani Melvin



Thanks for the very prompt response and comprehensive information. We have just launched the business last week so all the information will prove very useful.

The BIHA is a fantastic resource for anyone in the business.

Best regards

Peter Flockhart Ace Bouncy Castles Bishopbriggs East Dunbartonshire Scotland


Many thanks for your positive advice. This site really gives you fast and practical feedback......




"Hi Mark.

Very impressed with your work and efforts - again many thanks!"

Jerry Garry

Brecon & Radnor Bouncy Hire

Llangammarch Wells


South Wales


"Good morning Mark. Thanks so much for all the information you have sent through it has been extremely helpful"

Simone Party Magic UK Faringdon Oxfordshire


Brilliant absolutely brilliant - thank you so much Mark for creating this video for me.

Richard Maddox

Little Rascals Bouncy Castles

Colchester, Essex.


Hi Mark, Hope all is well at BIHA, just wanted to let you know your marketing clearly works as I have been getting a number of enquiries via your BIHA website for Hires..... Bad news is that I have sold all my equipment and no longer operate. Would it be possible to remove my details as this should allow customers to go to one of your other subscribers who are still operating.

Thank you.

James Rowlett U Bounce 2 Gidea Park Romford Essex


Hi Mark,

I have recently joined your organization under King Of The Castle in Longford and just want to congratulate you on a brilliant member website you have, delighted to be part of a professional organization and finding all the information priceless. I even got a saving of over 400 euros on my public liability insurance!! keep up the good work!!



King of the Castle

County Longford



Hello Mark,

I'd just like to say great site and really informative forum. Cheers.

George Norfolk


"Many thanks for the vast amount of information and safety advice". Kindest regards Jon Garry Aeroplay Inflatables


Hi Mark, Thank you for all your emails and good advice, I'm slowly reading through bit by bit to take it all in. Regards Laura Jump4Fun Mottingham LONDON


Hi Mark,

Everything's great on the site, Thanks a lot!

Kind Regards,

Mark Smith


We have found your website excellent and look forward to starting our new business venture. Please can you add our details to your listing which is High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Many thanks for your help

Kind regards

Neil Young

Jumping Beans Bouncy Castles

High Wycombe, Bucks.


Hi Mark,

Thank you for all the information you have sent over to me, there is a lot of helpful info for me to read up on.

Louise Harris PJ's Castles

Hockley Essex


Hi Mark

Firstly, many thanks for your help. I've been happy with the progress of my bouncy castle company and two things that have helped me enormously have been my BCN website and the BIHA site.

Best Regards

Matt Simmonds Abba Dabba Bouncy Castles

Here are some unsolicited testimonials and comments that have been received from happy subscribers since this site went live. More will be added at regular intervals.
"Both and the BIHA website have been extremely helpful for us during our first few months of business - Thanks"  Steve Harrison. ------ keep reading

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    • Forum for manufacturers, suppliers, repairers, testers and anyone else supplying goods or services to the inflatable hire industry.
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    • How many seconds does it take for your main bouncy castle website to fully load up on the small screen of your mobile phone (smart phone).
      1 - 4 seconds
      5 seconds
      6 - 10 seconds
      11 - 15 seconds
      16 - 20 seconds
      21 - 25 seconds
      26 - 30 seconds
      31 - 50 seconds
      51 - 60 seconds
      More than 1 minute

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    • Do you hire out mini-marquees (AKA Gazebos, instant pop-up-shelters) and/or full-size marquees alongside your inflatables to boost cash-flow and profits?
      Thinking about it now after the wet 2012 summer
      Yes - but mini-marquees and gazebos only
      Yes - we hire out full size marquees only
      Yes - we hire out all sizes of marquees

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    • You discover that one of your competitors is illegally hiring out domestic "toy" bouncy castles to the public - which could cause a serious injury to a child as they are not robust enough for commercial hiring. What action would you take?
      Just warn them that they are breaking the law
      Call Trading Standards but warning them first
      Call Trading Standards without warning them first.
      Do nothing, but wait for others to report them.

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    • Do you charge your customers a "booking deposit" when they book an inflatable with you either through the phone or online? (E.g charge their credit card or ask them to send in a cheque, bank transfer or PayPal payment)
      Never - we're happy for full payment on delivery
      Sometimes - depends on the booking
      Yes - but only if they are a new customer
      Yes - for every booking, unless very short notice
      Yes - we won't deliver without a deposit up-front

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    • How many bouncy castles and other play inflatables do you own which you hire out?
      3 - 5
      6 - 8
      9 - 10
      11 - 13
      14 - 16
      17 - 19
      20 - 29
      30 or more

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    • Which is your most popular add-on hire product?
      Jenga (all 3 sizes)
      Giant Chess
      Giant Drafts
      Didi Cars
      Boom Blasters
      Giant dartboard
      Basketball Shooters

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    • Do you charge a little extra for hiring bouncy castles to weddings? (and other very special events?)
      No, we keep the same hire price
      We charge an extra £10
      We charge an extra £20
      We charge an extra £30
      We charge an extra £40
      We charge an extra £50
      We charge an extra £60
      We charge an extra £70
      We charge an extra £80
      We increase price in accordance with their budget

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    • Do you use Facebook and/or Twitter as a marketing tool to reach your local prospects and customers?

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    • There are 10 main benefits of your membership to the BIHA and this sister site (BCO). Which one do you find MOST useful?
      Learning about Health & Safety / Legislation etc.
      Getting help & advice from the Discussion Forum
      Displaying the BIHA logo to increase your prestige
      Learning from the mistakes (& successes) of others
      Directory listing of your business on BIHA website
      Receiving ideas to help increase your hire profits
      Saving money on PL insurance and other services
      Getting the FREE Tip of the Week from this site.
      General sense of belonging / Less loneliness!
      Hearing about special deals etc.from manufacturers

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    • Which payment methods do you accept from your customers who hire inflatables?
      Cash and Cheque only
      Cash, Cheque and PayPal only
      Cash, Cheque, PayPal and Credit/Debit cards

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    • Do you ask your customers for referrals when they are happy with your inflatable hire service?
      No, never.
      No, unless the customer recommends me to a friend
      I sometimes ask for referrals
      I always ask for referrals at every hire
      I have a system to collect referrals at every hire
      I have a system & they get rewarded for referrals

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    • Should hire prices of your inflatables be included on your website?
      No, I prefer people to call me to discuss prices
      Yes, but only one price e.g. From £50 per day
      Yes, all my prices are displayed on my website
      Cannot answer as I don't yet have a website

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    • How much do you charge for a standard 12ft x 12ft bouncy castle (including 12 x 12's with a 4ft+ safety step) delivered LOCALLY in your town.
      £35 per day
      £40 per day
      £45 per day
      £50 per day
      £55 per day
      £60 per day
      £65 per day
      £70 per day
      £75 per day
      £80+ per day

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    • What is your most profitable type of inflatable which you hire out?
      Childrens bouncy castles
      Adult bouncy castles
      Small inflatable slides (Max 6ft to platform)
      Large inflatable slides (incl. mega slides)
      Castle/slide combis
      Sumo/super hero suits
      Bungee runs
      Rodeo bulls / surf simulators / multi-rides
      Bouncy boxing / Gladiator duel
      Activity centres / Obstacle courses

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    • Do you reduce hire prices in the winter?
      Only if the customer wants additional hire items

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    • Do you own an Apple iPhone (e.g. 3G, 3GS or 4)

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    • Has The Soaring Price Of Fuel Made You Stop Taking Bookings Further Afield?

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