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An opportunity to have a short "Hollywood style" promotional video created for your business for a very affordable fee.

Mark Jerram

Here is another promotional video....

If you are interested in having one of these highly professional promotional "Hollywood" movie-trailer type videos created and branded for your inflatable hire business, (or any other business that you own), Please click on the banner below:

You will also receive the completed video in flash (FLV) and MOV format via email, so that you (or your webmaster) can easily upload the video directly onto your website (If you have any problems uploading this video, then we are here to help).

Please note that the soundtrack and music accompanying each video is royalty-free, and apart from the usual fee to have this promo-video created for you, there are no other fees to pay.

To see some more examples of the type of promo video that can be created for your business - please click on: and also

If you would rather us create your branded video - please email me at: to order your promo-video tailor-made and branded for your business for just £147 and with a 48 hour turnaround.....and impress your customers and prospective customers.

Bottom line....Having one of these powerful promo-videos on your website should help to supercharge your company's branding and get you more bookings and more profits for years and years to come.

N.B. Hosting of your video on YouTube and/or Viddler would be completely free of charge.

Also, because these two video sharing sites (and dozens of others) are social media sites, your video can very quickly go viral ! In other words, people see your video, love it, and then share the link via FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter etc. with their friends, work colleagues etc. and they do likewise. After a short while your video can be seen by thousands of people or more! This is the power of YouTube and other social media sites.

(Please note that we can also submit your new video to dozens of video sharing sites on the internet so that your video gets seen by as many people as possible, (and also this helps to push your site up in the Google rankings). The fee for this enhanced service is currently just £27.

Mark Jerram

Tel: 07880 540 201 Landline tel: 01344 641 225 United Kingdom

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Here's how you can get your company name in lights....

I got my name in lights with

Mark Jerram is the founder of the British Inflatable Hirers Alliance (BIHA)

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