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Another 26 Marketing Ideas To Promote Your Bouncy Castle Hire Business

Nick James
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There are many different ways to market and promote your Bouncy Castle Hire Business effectively.

Here are 26 ways that are easy and proven to work very well.

1) Delivering leaflets through peoples letter boxes in your area.
2) Advertising in your local newspaper.
3) Have a FREE listing in your local Thomson Directory.
4) Advertise in your local Yellow Pages. (Highly recommended).
5) Advertise in the shop windows of local newsagents.
6) Advertise in the windows of Toy Shops.
7) Advertise in your local library.
8) Tell all your friends, neighbours, family and work colleagues what you do.
9) Advertise on the noticeboard of the local churches.
10) Advertise on the noticeboard of local supermarkets.
11) Have your phone number written on the top of your bouncy castle, where everyone will see it.
12) If your town has a "Free-ads" newspaper or similar, you can advertise very cheaply.
13) Getting customer referrels by providing a good service.
14) Write to your local councils, for any council sponsored leisure events.
15) Advertise in doctors and dentist surgeries, and hospital waiting rooms if permitted.
16) Hand leaflets out at your local shopping centre.
17) Advertise in your local wedding shop (the children at the wedding need to be entertained!)
18) Advertise at childrens' playgroups and nurseries, and Mums and Toddler groups.
19) Advertise FREE on company noticeboards. Ask your friends, family and contacts to put up your leaflet on their noticeboard at work.
20) Lend your bouncy castle or inflatable to a charity event for FREE. All the money taken goes to the charity, but you get FREE publicity, (especially if you hand your leaflets out) and if you are lucky, you will get a mention in the local press.
21) Contact hotels and guest houses. They often have private functions in their grounds, e.g. christening parties, wedding receptions, company do's etc which require a bouncy castle or similar to amuse the children.
22) Check up on all the local newspapers and free papers, to see which schools, churches, hospitals, community centres, local businesses etc. are having fetes, fairs, open days, sports days, company fun days, jumble sales, car-boot sales etc. Ring them up to offer them the opportunity of hiring a bouncy castle from you. Do this regularly, you will pick up a lot of business from it.
23) Contact a broker who is involved in childrens' entertainment. Tell them that you will pay them a commission for every bouncy castle booking which they get for you.
24) Contact all the pubs in your area, which have a public garden or a large car park. Tell them that if they hire a castle from you it will attract adults who have young children. Parents can have a drink, while watching their children having fun on the inflatable. Some pubs have family fun days in the summer. Make sure you let them know you can provide the inflatable.
25) You only need to use your imagination to find out some really great places where you can site your bouncy castle, and perhaps charge children 50p or one pound to have a go. Here are some examples: shopping centers, the village green, country shows, open air museums, zoos, the local park, a large retail outlet, e.g. a DIY shop or supermarket, etc.
26) You could hire your bouncy castle to the local childrens' home or orphanage, perhaps offering a small discount.

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    • Do you hire out mini-marquees (AKA Gazebos, instant pop-up-shelters) and/or full-size marquees alongside your inflatables to boost cash-flow and profits?
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    • You discover that one of your competitors is illegally hiring out domestic "toy" bouncy castles to the public - which could cause a serious injury to a child as they are not robust enough for commercial hiring. What action would you take?
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      Call Trading Standards but warning them first
      Call Trading Standards without warning them first.
      Do nothing, but wait for others to report them.

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      Sometimes - depends on the booking
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      Yes - for every booking, unless very short notice
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      Giant Chess
      Giant Drafts
      Didi Cars
      Boom Blasters
      Giant dartboard
      Basketball Shooters

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      No, we keep the same hire price
      We charge an extra £10
      We charge an extra £20
      We charge an extra £30
      We charge an extra £40
      We charge an extra £50
      We charge an extra £60
      We charge an extra £70
      We charge an extra £80
      We increase price in accordance with their budget

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      Saving money on PL insurance and other services
      Getting the FREE Tip of the Week from this site.
      General sense of belonging / Less loneliness!
      Hearing about special deals etc.from manufacturers

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    • Which payment methods do you accept from your customers who hire inflatables?
      Cash and Cheque only
      Cash, Cheque and PayPal only
      Cash, Cheque, PayPal and Credit/Debit cards

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    • Do you ask your customers for referrals when they are happy with your inflatable hire service?
      No, never.
      No, unless the customer recommends me to a friend
      I sometimes ask for referrals
      I always ask for referrals at every hire
      I have a system to collect referrals at every hire
      I have a system & they get rewarded for referrals

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    • Should hire prices of your inflatables be included on your website?
      No, I prefer people to call me to discuss prices
      Yes, but only one price e.g. From £50 per day
      Yes, all my prices are displayed on my website
      Cannot answer as I don't yet have a website

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    • How much do you charge for a standard 12ft x 12ft bouncy castle (including 12 x 12's with a 4ft+ safety step) delivered LOCALLY in your town.
      £35 per day
      £40 per day
      £45 per day
      £50 per day
      £55 per day
      £60 per day
      £65 per day
      £70 per day
      £75 per day
      £80+ per day

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    • What is your most profitable type of inflatable which you hire out?
      Childrens bouncy castles
      Adult bouncy castles
      Small inflatable slides (Max 6ft to platform)
      Large inflatable slides (incl. mega slides)
      Castle/slide combis
      Sumo/super hero suits
      Bungee runs
      Rodeo bulls / surf simulators / multi-rides
      Bouncy boxing / Gladiator duel
      Activity centres / Obstacle courses

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    • Do you reduce hire prices in the winter?
      Only if the customer wants additional hire items

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    • Do you own an Apple iPhone (e.g. 3G, 3GS or 4)

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