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Different names of bouncy castles and other play inflatables throughout the world.

Mark Jerram

Bouncy castles - traditionally very popular for childrens' birthday parties, are known by different names throughout the world. In the UK, they tend to be known as bouncy castles or inflatable castles. In the USA they are usually known as bounce houses, moonwalks, spacewalks, bouncers, or jumpers. In South Africa, they tend to be known as bouncing castles. In Australia and New Zealand they tend to be known as jumping Castles, or jumps.

Play inflatables is the generic name that seems to best describe these pieces of equipment which children or adults either bounce on, slide on, climb on, or run on.

Other examples of inflatable play equipment are:

1) Inflatable slides.

2) Bungee runs.

3) Obstacle courses.

4) Sumo suits and superhero suits.

5) Bouncy castle/slide combination units (Combis)

6) Bouncy boxing.

7) The fall-off inflatable for rodeo bulls, surf-simulators, and multi-rides etc.

8) The fall-off inflatable for gladiator duel and pole jousting.

9) Bouncy ball ponds, sometimes known as ball pools.

10) Activity centres - which uses a combination of various play inflatables inside one large unit.

11) Slip n Slides.

Although not inflatable play equipment as such, inflatable shelters - are often used by the emergency services, when a traditional frame tent structure is not practicable. Also, large inflatable beds are often used in the building trade, where builders are working at height. Inflatables are also used extensively in the automobile industry. E.g. air-bags and inflatables on car seat belts.

This website however, exists primarily to support owners and operators of play inflatables, including those listed in the 11 points above.

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