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How to double your profits - virtually overnight (Tip 1)

Mark Jerram

Welcome to the "Tip of the Week" 17 Nov 2009 from (in
partnership with the BIHA)

Thanks to this excellent profit generating tip go to Julie at KBL
Event Hire in Essex.

"Every month we write a newsletter to all customers who have used
us previously, aiming for the letters to arrive approx 6 weeks
before the anniversary of the date of the event they had the
previous year.
So, for example, in May, we send out letters to clients who had
units in July the year before.  We tell them all about any new hire
items we have, any unusual events we might have attended,  any
special offers, and  enclose a loyalty voucher for them to use at
this year's event.  Usually £5.00 or sometimes a voucher for a free
game or free overnight supplement to vary it.
We get loads of callers who say how well timed our letter was as
they were trying to remember who they had used the previous year,
and with a money off voucher, don't even worry about checking out
current prices elsewhere.  It shows a professional approach and
keep clients long term.
For the cost of a stamp you are targeting someone who uses exactly
the inflatable hire items you have. We started almost 20 years ago
with 2 units and now have almost 100, so we must be doing something
right!! We are now planning to transfer this idea over to e-mail"

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